Visiting Jewelry Television’s GemStore in Knoxville, TN

As a jewelry marketing specialist, I can’t tear myself away from jewelry, even when I’m on vacation. You’re probably wondering what “jewelry tourism” is. Well, jewelry tourism basically means I drag my companion(s) into every jewelry store I see when traveling to a new place.

Recently, my fiance and I drove across the country, from New Jersey to Los Angeles. On the way, we passed through states like Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. I couldn’t ignore all the unique jewelry along the way.

In Knoxville, TN, we visited one destination I’ve been wanting to check out for some time: GemStore by Jewelry Television.

For the uninitiated, Jewelry Television is a television network and online shopping destination. They’re the largest retailer of loose gemstones and one of the top four electronic jewelry retailers in the United States.

I’ve been watching Jewelry Television for about 10 years. As a result, I’m not sure how I got away with ever only ordering a handful of items. I’ve learned so much about jewelry and gemstones from the knowledgable and passionate hosts.

When we arrived on a rainy afternoon, I was drawn to locally-inspired merchandise like orange crystal and sterling silver jewelry to support the Tennessee Vols. I was also excited by the selection of animal-shaped pins, especially a unicorn adorned with clear and multi-colored crystals.

Jewelry Television is well known for the Bella Luce collection, an exclusive line of fine jewelry that features dazzling, man-made gemstones. The diamond simulant is sparkling and eye catching. I was impressed by the quality of the Bella Luce tennis bracelets on display.

What I love most about Jewelry Television is that they feature colored gemstones – like natural chrome diopside, black spinel, and larimar – that aren’t found in most retail stores. Most brick-and-mortar jewelry stores only carry usual suspects like blue topaz, amethyst, and lab-created sapphire. A customer could spend an entire day at the GemStore just learning about all the stones!

In addition, the GemStore carried some designer jewelry. Pieces by Bellarri were striking, well-crafted, and made with a variety of colored gemstones. One tennis bracelet resembled a rainbow pulled down from the sky; it cheered me on a cloudy, rainy, and chilly day.

Overall, the staff at the GemStore were extremely friendly and accommodating. The gentleman assisting me was eager to help me find something to suit my taste. Though I wanted to buy many pieces, I ended up leaving with the simple yet striking and unique unicorn pin, which also came with a gold-plated chain so that I can wear it as a necklace.

I would definitely recommend GemStore for anyone who lives in the Knoxville area or is passing through on a trip. Have you ever participated in jewelry tourism or can recommend a jewelry store that’s worth a trip?

Jewelry Television’s GemStore In Knoxville, TN

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