Subscription Jewelry Boxes for Jewelry Surprises

On Friday night, after one-too-many happy-hour margaritas, I walked into a Ricky’s store and asked the young female cashier to select a lipstick from a display of NYX butter lipsticks. In my everyday life, I like to choose how I adorn and accessorize myself, but every once in a while, I like someone else to decide for me.

What are subscription boxes?

Subscription boxes are a safe and fun way to surrender control. These days, there’s a subscription box for everything: vegan snacks, dog treats and toys, wine, shaving, and even Japanese candy. I wasn’t surprised to learn that a few creative entrepreneurs have launched jewelry subscription box services to please the consumer who loves an element of surprise.

bezelboxBezel Box ($35.67/mo. with free shipping): Each month, Bezel Box promises to send you four to five pieces of jewelry with a retail value of $150. You get to choose your style from three categories: boho, cosmo, or icon. The longer you remain a subscriber, the more rewards points you earn; these can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases.

DazzleyDazzley ($24.99 for one mo. or $129.99 for 6 mos.): Dazzley is a low-commitment jewelry subscription box that allows you to choose a one-month purchase. With Dazzley, you choose a necklace style from the following: Statement, Boho, or Delicate/Simple. Then, the company sends you a surprise necklace to match your style.

JewelBitsJewelbits ($33/mo. for a 6-mo. commitment, with other plans available): Similar to Bezel Box, Jewelbits allows you to choose a box based on your style: Boho Babe, Glam Gal, and Classic Chick. You receive two to three pieces every month, and you can choose your subscription commitment level, which also affects the monthly fee. What sets Jewelbits apart is that their founders are involved in the Manhattan jewelry industry, so they catch the latest trends and network with upcoming designer.

RocksBoxRocksbox ($19/mo. for unlimited jewelry rental): With a subscription to Rocksbox, you can expect to receive three pieces of designer jewelry every month. The jewelry is hand-selected for you based on your style and preferences. Hip, on-trend designers include House of Harlow, Kendra Scott, and Slate. You can swap your jewelry when you want something new to wear. Have you fallen in love with your borrowed jewelry? Every month you earn $10 to apply toward a purchase.

YourBijouxYour Bijoux Box ($35/mo. with free shipping): With a Your Bijoux Box subscription, you’ll receive three hand-picked pieces worth at least $100 every month. Each piece has a styling tip, and a sneak preview for January’s box include a necklace with a gold-tone chain and opalescent cabochons.

After reading about these jewelry subscription boxes, I couldn’t find anything truly unique about them. I guess if I didn’t have the time, energy, or interest in choosing my jewelry, I’d like a jewelry subscription box.

I’m also more partial to jewelry made from precious metals and gems, so I would avoid a subscription box that sends costume jewelry. A “Morganite a Month” club would be more my style.

In case you’re wondering, the young lady at Ricky’s chose a lipstick shade called Hubba Bubba Waouh, a bubblegum Barbie pink that I do actually love. Why you pay money for a subscription jewelry box?

Cover photo by asenat29

Stretch Bracelets, Like Stretch Pants, Are a Holiday Trend

Nearly every budding jewelry lover once possessed a stretch bracelet, either handmade or from a 25-cent gumball machine.

I still have my favorite stretch bracelet, which features my name and a variety of colored plastic beads. The elastic is so worn I’m surprised it hasn’t snapped.

Imagine both my surprise and delight when I started noticing stretch bracelets in fine jewelry stores. At first, I wasn’t sure I’d want to spend more than $5 on something stretchy. Would it break? But I soon realized that stretch bracelets are versatile, comfortable, and casual.

Why have stretch bracelets become so trendy?

Stretch bracelets exude effortless style. They’re for the jewelry lover who wants to look like she spend about 30 seconds getting ready for her day but, in reality, thoughtfully edited her wardrobe. Furthermore, stretch bracelets make the perfect gift for gift givers worried about fitting a recipient’s wrist size! Here are a few stretch bracelets I think are worth their grown-up cost:

pearlPearl and Gold Bead Stretch Bracelet ($32)

In general, I’m not pearl’s biggest fan. It has a reputation for being too “stuffy” and conservative. Instead, I’d take a scintillating diamond or colorful gemstone over pearl. But there’s something about pearls in stretch bracelet form that make them accessible and unique. The 14-karat-gold-plated bead in this particular stretch bracelet highlights the sheen of these 4-mm freshwater pearls.

ItalianSterlingBraceletItalian Sterling Silver and 18-Karat Yellow Gold Stretch Bracelet ($99)

When I was in high school, the cool kids wore stretchy mala or prayer bead bracelets without understanding their significance or purpose. These days, I’m embarrassed by my cultural appropriation but still appreciate the aesthetic of a uniform set of cool-to-the-touch gemstone beads. This Italian sterling silver bracelet with 18-karat yellow gold overlay mimics the symmetry and infinite nature of those mala bracelets.

bluetopazBlue and White Topaz Sterling Silver Stretch Bracelet ($269)

I haven’t met many people who don’t like blue topaz, the crowd-pleasing gemstone. Perfect for December babies or anyone who loves sky blue, this blue and white topaz stretch bracelet is excellent for everyday wear but can also serve as a fine accessory for a New Year’s Eve outfit.

What kinds of stretch bracelets have you been coveting?

Cover photo by Tommy Wong

Affordable Yet Wrist-Grabbing Tennis Bracelets

My taste has come a long way from coveting 25-cent, stretchy rhinestone bracelets in bowling alley candy and prize machines. But I can’t afford the drool-inducing diamond dreams!

What lover of sparkle wouldn’t desire 18 kt rose gold arm candy with more than 5 ct of diamonds or an 18kt white gold stunner with a minimum of 10 cts of VS2 diamonds? A girl can stare inappropriately.

Line bracelets – also known as “tennis bracelets” after the tennis star Chris Evert who wore one during matches in the 80s – are as classic and essential as stud earrings. Though they can be crafted with any metal and stone combination, bracelets made with diamonds set in white metal are the most aspirational.

Recently, I noticed a shopper with a line bracelet so stunning, I grabbed her wrist and asked, “Where did you get that?!” She responded, “Kohl’s.” Since then, I’ve made it my personal mission to find an affordable line bracelet that will make a stranger want to yank my arm – gently, please! Here are a few of my picks:

mixedcutsMixed cuts

Jean Dousset Absolute™ Round and Asscher-Cut Sterling Silver Line Bracelet ($199.90): Available in 6.75 and 7.5″. HSN’s branded Absolute diamond simulant set in sterling. Up to 20 cts.!


AAA Cubic Zirconia Bracelet ($44.99): Available in 6.75 or 7.5″. Swiss cubic zirconia set in white-gold-plated copper. Classic style!


Cubic Zirconia Sterling Silver Adjustable Lariat Tennis Bracelet ($40.00): One size fits most, Rounds set in rhodium-plated sterling silver.


Stainless Steel Princess Cut Crystal Tennis Bracelet ($57.25): Available in 6.75, 7.25, or 8″. Semi bezel-set, princess-cut set in yellow or white-colored stainless steel.

crystalquartzMaximum Bling

Crystal Quartz 82.50ctw Sterling Silver Bracelet ($189.99): Size 7″. Square cushion cut crystal quartz set in sterling silver is 1/2″ wide!

Cover photo by Maria Panayiotou