Three Artists Who Can Paint Diamonds

As a fellow jewelry lover, you probably understand what I mean when I say that gazing upon a clean, white diamond is its own type of high. Maybe I like working in the jewelry industry so I can get my fix without committing to any one stone.

I started to wonder, could I surround myself with the beauty of diamonds but not buy them?

Browsing Instagram, I stumbled upon one artist who exclusively paints portraits of diamonds. Intrigued, I found two more artists who do the same, and I want to share their talents with you.

Angie Crabtree

Angie was the first artist I found through her Instagram account, which showcases photos of her process, her studio, her cute dog, and the diamonds that she tries to capture on canvas. In a recent interview with Gem Hunt, Angie described a problem we’d all like to have, “Choosing diamonds to paint isn’t easy because I see so many beautiful ones on a daily basis.” Sigh.

What I love the most about Angie’s Instagram account and website is how consistent she is with her color scheme. Talk about branding! Everything, from her sneakers to her paintbrushes, matches her signature color palette, which includes grays, blacks, and various shades of blue. The Instagram photo above depicts one of Angie’s emerald-cut diamonds paired with colorful cookies by Holly Fox.

Kurt Pio

Kurt Pio is an artist living and working in Cape Town, South Africa. Though he doesn’t exclusively paint diamonds, he has done an entire series featuring gemstones.

When asked about his reason for choosing diamonds as his subject, Pio explained, “It’s one of my connections with South Africa. We have major diamond mines. One of them is located at Kimberley…I would go there often as a kid and be fascinated by this big man-made hole…I guess I instantly fell in love with it.” It’s no surprise that he had the opportunity to exhibit his diamond paintings in Antwerp, Belgium, a major hub for diamond trade.

What I like about his work is that the canvas itself matches the shape of the stone, so a round diamond has been painted on a circular canvas, for example.

To all travelers & wanderers! ☀”There is great meaning in life for those who are willing to journey.” Sharing with you ‘The Portal of Journeys’! 💎 🎨My diamond painting, where a blue diamond symbolizes a guiding star, a beacon of light that illuminates the path of journeys. Each portal is a piece of our lives, a journey, a flight to known or unknown, one that we have chosen to enter. The legacy of journeys is new discoveries, some answers, but also finding more questions that enrich our souls. After all, we all are seekers… and the reward lies in the journeys we take. 😊 ❤🌌 Size: 30×30 inches. | #JewelerWhoPaints #ReenaAhluwalia #DiamondArt #DiamondPainting #Diamonds #RoundBrilliant #RoundDiamond #Art #Artist #wanderlust #travel #traveler #journey

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Reena Ahluwalia

Reena Ahluwalia is not only a painter of diamonds but also a jewelry designer and educator. I was wowed by her bragging rights: awards like the De Beers Diamonds-International Award and the Rio Tinto Diamonds Global Design Competition.

She has two series of paintings. One series features diamond portraits, while the other depicts abstract emotional landscapes seen through the lens of diamonds. I absolutely love the way she mixes faceted stones with trippy abstraction!

Inky gems for an upcoming project! #Diamondlessdoodles #WinsorAndNewton #lefthanded

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Bonus: After researching and writing this post, I came across the work of Hannah Becker a.k.a. diamondoodles. Hannah makes pins and stickers out of her gemstone doodles, and they’re available for purchase on Etsy. I absolutely love her use of color.

What are you favorite depictions of jewelry in art?