Through Joy Joya's bold, holistic approach, including laser-focused brand storytelling, impactful creation of content assets, and strategic content distribution, we've helped jewelry businesses of all sizes, including established multi-million dollar jewelry companies, grow through strategic, content-led initiatives.


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Joy Joya is an outstanding company. We have been working with Laryssa for several years and cannot say enough great things about our experience. She's extremely knowledgeable, efficient, and responsive. She makes sure to fully understand our business and objectives to implement top-down strategies specific to our needs. She's always willing to help, discuss or suggest any topics related to our goals. Laryssa is a true expert and professional. We are grateful for our partnership with her. "
Patti Dechter
Before working with Joy Joya, my shop was having trouble converting visitors, but I had no idea why. Not only did Laryssa point out things that would turn potential customers away, but she gave a great in-depth analysis of my target audiences, competitors, and brand."
Allie Fritsch
Silver Lily Studio

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Episode #258 – “The Role of Drops in Your Jewelry Marketing Strategy” In today’s Episode #258, we’re diving deep into the world of “drops” and how they can be a game-changer for your jewelry marketing strategy. Drops, which refer to releasing products in limited quantities or for a limited duration,

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Synergy in Sparkle: Where Merchandising Meets Jewelry Marketing

Episode #257 – “Synergy in Sparkle: Where Merchandising Meets Jewelry Marketing” In Episode #257 today, we’re chatting about how to blend merchandising with jewelry marketing, especially for spotlighting your jewelry brand in the most effective way possible. Some of you Sparklers may not fully realize how your products, and the

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Jewelry Email Marketing: Diving Into the Welcome Series

Episode #256 – “Jewelry Email Marketing: Diving Into the Welcome Series” This is Episode #256, and we’ll delve into one of my cherished subjects: email marketing, with a focus on the Welcome Series. We’ll emphasize the importance of constantly exploring fresh marketing strategies and being open to innovative ideas tailored

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“This book is a must-read for anyone who owns a jewelry business, small or big.”
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“A wonderful, heartfelt compilation of jewelry wisdom. The author has explained very difficult concepts in a very simple way.”
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