Which Is More Important for a Jewelry Instagram Post – a Beautiful Photo or Compelling Caption?

Instagram planning app Preview recently published the results of a poll about the importance of a good photo vs. a good caption for an Instagram post. While 84% of respondents think a good photo is better, 16% think a good caption is better. In this blog post, we explore further.

So, when it comes to choosing between a compelling photo and a descriptive, attention-grabbing caption, which do we think is more important? Are you really going to make us choose? The answer is that both are equally as important for Instagram engagement, and you won’t achieve the results you want unless you make both the photo and caption top priorities in your social media strategy.

Well, then, what exactly makes a “good” photo or “good” caption, and how do the two support each other?

Characteristics of a “Good” Instagram Photo

The definition of a “good” Instagram photo will vary from one jewelry brand to another, since each jewelry brand has a different “Look/Tone/Feel”. Furthermore, each jewelry brand is hoping to achieve different goals with a social media marketing strategy. For example, one jewelry brand may have an edgy, alternative look and be taking steps to create brand awareness, while another jewelry brand may have a classic and refined look and be actively trying to convert their followers into customers.

Regardless, most effective and popular Instagram photos share similar qualities. These characteristics are:

  • The photo is unique. In a sea of photos on a typical feed, the photo is interesting enough to make the user stop and take notice.
  • The photo has a single dominant color, lots of background space, appropriate brightness, and minimal texture. When the user can clearly see the piece of jewelry in the photo without too much distraction, then he or she is more likely to notice and like it.
  • The photo follows the principles of composition: the rule of thirds, proper framing, and depth.
  • The photo is consistent with the jewelry brand’s overall Look/Tone/Feel, which means it contains your brand colors and effectively communicates the message the brand would like to share.

For more specific examples, you can check out the #MondayMotivation photos we post on our @joyjoyamarketing Instagram feed every Monday.

Characteristics of a “Good” Instagram Caption

Similarly, the definition of a “good” Instagram caption will vary from one jewelry brand to another, since each brand will have a different tone of voice and different goals. One jewelry brand might be playful and humorous, while another is more serious and romantic. Think of the people in your life and all the different ways they speak, including the unique phrases they use in their casual speech. Similarly, each jewelry brand should have its own personality.

Regardless, most effective and popular Instagram captions share similar qualities. These characteristics are:

  • The caption is grammatically correct, clear, and easy to read.
  • The caption engages the user in some way, whether that’s by educating them, inspiring her curiosity, asking her a question, or providing her with descriptive information.
  • The photo is consistent with the jewelry brand’s overall Look/Tone/Feel, which means it speaks in the voice the brand would use across all channels.

How Photos and Captions Work Together

As we mentioned earlier, both the photo and caption are equally as important for an effective Instagram post. It’s true that most, if not all, users will notice a jewelry photo first. That’s the point of Instagram, after all.

However, if a user enjoys the photo enough to not only like it but to stop and admire it for a moment, she will likely read the caption. The caption will provide context, reveal additional details, engage her interest further, explain how she can buy a product, invite her to share her own opinion, or invite her to reveal something about herself.

If the caption doesn’t do any of those things, the user may still “like” the photo but won’t feel inspired to investigate a brand further or even consider making a purchase. The best Instagram post will engage not only a user’s eyes but also a user’s mind and emotions.

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