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3 Tools to Handle Quick Jewelry Marketing Tasks During the Holidays

During the holiday season, you’re busy fulfilling orders for the holidays and providing the best customer service possible. You hardly have time to focus on any new marketing initiatives, and you hope that all the marketing efforts you put into place before the holidays are still running smoothly.

However, sometimes your digital marketing efforts get pushed aside, or something – like your website – breaks. You don’t necessarily have the time or energy to sit down with a marketing consultant, but you still need help – fast.

In this blog post, we’ll share some of our favorite tools and resources for marketing quick fixes, which will be especially helpful during the holidays, when you just don’t have time. Then, once the new year arrives, you can speak to us about a more sustainable long-term marketing strategy.


A thriving online marketplace for freelance services, Fiverr is a one-stop shop for all your digital marketing tasks from graphic design and content marketing to e-commerce development and more.

Do you need holiday-themed graphics for your social media posts, paid advertisements, email marketing, or packaging? A Fiverr expert can ensure that your holiday visuals look as attractive as possible. Do you need to add a new feature to your Shopify store or fix a broken page on your website? A Fiverr expert can help you avoid the headache of dealing with code.

When you log into Fiverr for the first time, you’ll have two options for starting your project. You can either browse the experts’ profile pages and then contact a few who seem right for your budget and needs, or you can post a request, which would include a description of the services you need, a project category, an ideal turnaround time, and a budget. After you post a request, you’ll get a series of proposals from different Fiverr experts, and you can choose the one that seems best for you.

I’ve used Fiverr for a number of small projects, and I usually decide how I’m going to start my project based on the amount of time available. If I have a few minutes to browse expert profiles, then I’ll handpick a few people based on their reviews, portfolio, and fees. If I really don’t have any time, then I’ll simply post a request and wait for the proposals to arrive. Either way, I usually have an expert within 24 hours of starting my project. Based on your needs and the expert’s availability, projects can take a few hours or a couple of days – but I’ve hardly ever waited more than two days to get my deliverables.

Task Husky

While Fiverr does offer Shopify development services, they don’t necessarily specialize in them. So if you’re looking for professional and prompt help for your Shopify or Shopify Plus ecommerce store, then you may want to consider enlisting Task Husky. An innovative web studio based in Michigan, Task Husky specializes in working with small businesses that have a new or growing ecommerce presence.

Some cools things about Task Husky are the unlimited revisions and 100% satisfaction guarantee. You get to work directly with the developer, who specializes in the Shopify platform. In addition, there are no project minimums, which means you can ask them to make a very small tweak to your store. They’re happy to review each and every project request.

To get started with Task Husky, you simply create an account and create your task request. You’ll need to add your store URL, a name for your task, and a description of the task. You can even add a screenshot or mockup, if that helps you better explain your task. Once you submit your task, you’ll hear back in about 24 hours with a quote and ETA. From there, you can either approve the project or not – there’s no commitment.

Regardless of whether you decide to use Task Husky or not, you should still sign up for the “Checkout Weekly” newsletter if you run an ecommerce jewelry store. Written by Task Husky Founder Zachary McClung, the Checkout Weekly newsletter is a round-up of all the most interesting ecommerce news from that week. It’s one of my favorite email newsletter subscriptions!


Our final pick is Upwork, a global freelancing platform where businesses and freelancers can connect and collaborate remotely. High-profile businesses like Microsoft, Airbnb, and GE all trust Upwork for their outsourcing needs, and freelancers who offer their services through Upwork are highly professional.

Live Fiverr, Upwork has freelancers in many different categories, from web development and content writing to marketing and design. However, I consider Fiverr to be better for “one-and-done” quick tasks, while Upwork is better if you want to build a relationship with a freelancer who you might tap in the future for additional small tasks.

I personally haven’t explored all the ways you can use Upwork, but I can vouch for their freelance writers and would say that, if you need a quick piece of copy or content for your website or holiday email campaign, then you should definitely consider Upwork. Another thing to keep in mind is that many of the experts I’ve hired on Fiverr are from overseas, whereas more American freelancers tend to use Upwork. If that’s a concern for you, due to time zone differences or communication barriers, then you can choose accordingly.

When you’re pushing through the busy holiday season, you should never feel like you’re alone in your marketing efforts. There’s always support available, and that support can be both affordable and fast. Have you tried any of the services we mentioned in this blog post? How was your experience?