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4 Tips for Planning Your Jewelry Brand’s Social Media Posts

When it comes to your jewelry brand’s social media strategy, do you have a weekly or even monthly plan for your posts, or are you flying by the seat of your pants? If you don’t have a plan in place, you could be compromising your brand identity.

Furthermore, without a plan, you could be wasting time trying to brainstorm posts at the last minute, or you could be neglecting your social media accounts altogether while you’re busy taking care of other business responsibilities. When you make a plan, you can organize your posts around promotions, holidays, new product releases, events, and anything else you’d like to share with your customers. In addition, you can be sure that you have enough content for the coming weeks and that all your content remains consistent with your look, tone, and feel.

In this blog post, we share some of our favorite tips and strategies for planning your social media posts, so that you’re never scrambling for content at the eleventh hour, and you always have a beautiful and coherent feed to represent your brand.

Assign a Theme to Each Day

Finding content for every day of the week on a consistent basis can start to feel like a grind, especially after many months. However, when you assign a theme to each day, you give yourself a framework for your posts. For example, you can decide that Mondays will feature editorial photos, while Tuesdays will feature a mood photo, and Wednesdays will feature a product photo. A framework can help you fill up your calendar for weeks and also give you an idea of the types of content you need to generate, if you find yourself running out of fresh photos. The best part is that no one needs to know about your themes except you and your marketing team.

Add Holidays, Promotions, Events, and Other Special Days to a Master Calendar

Another way to create structure for your social media plan is to work around major jewelry retail holidays like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Black Friday, your own promotions, and special events like pop-ups. When you add these dates to a master calendar, you can see the big picture and use your social media posts to create anticipation as these dates approach. Without a master calendar in place, you’d be surprised how quickly these dates can creep up on you, passing you by with missed opportunities.

Save Your Inspiration

In addition to using social media for your jewelry brand, you most likely browse Instagram and Facebook for fun or to spy on your competitors. Do you ever see photos and posts that inspire you, giving you ideas for future social media posts? Be sure to save them, so you’re not stuck trying to remember what you saw. On Instagram, you can save your favorite posts to the default “All Posts” Collection or to customized Collections. To save posts on Instagram, follow the instructions here. If you prefer to use Pinterest, you can screenshot photos and posts you like and then “pin” them to a private Pinterest board that you either keep to yourself or share with your marketing team.

Use a Social Media Planning App

Have you heard of apps like Planoly and Preview? These apps can help you plan your Instagram feed by allowing you to arrange your photos as they would appear on your profile. Using these apps can help you see how all your photos will work together to support your cohesive brand image. Furthermore, you can include notes about caption copy and hashtags, so you’re ready to post when the date and time approaches. Many of these apps also allow you to share your account with your marketing team members, so everyone can get on the same page about the plan and contribute their feedback.

If you’re not already planning your social media posts, you may be pleasantly surprised by how much a plan can streamline your marketing efforts and improve your overall brand image.