What Is Joy Joya?

Joy Joya is a Los Angeles-based digital marketing agency for jewelry brands founded and led by Laryssa Wirstiuk. We help jewelry entrepreneurs grow their businesses, so they can add more beauty and wonder to the world. Our digital marketing support services are comprehensive and varied, and we tailor our solutions on a individual basis, so each client gets a personalized experience, one that’s uniquely suited for their category, stage of growth, goals, and more.

Why Choose Joy Joya?

As collectors and lovers of jewelry ourselves, we understand that jewelry is a deeply personal and emotional purchase. When we partner with jewelry brands, we strive to connect each brand with their ideal customers and to help foster a long-term relationship – one that may be sparked by emotion but that endures based on trust.

We’re committed to building a brand over the long term, fostering deep, collaborative relationships with our clients, providing comprehensive and personalized service, and sharing honest, practical advice – the kind of advice we’d give and follow ourselves.

Motivated by opportunities for stretching our creativity to communicate a jewelry brand’s unique story through language and imagery, we’re passionate about dreaming up new ways of reaching the right customers. We see our clients’ challenges with a fresh perspective, and we apply our resourcefulness to find and implement the solutions that open doors to future success.

“Laryssa has a keen understanding of the specific nature of marketing for jewelry brands. It’s a skill that can be hard to find and was invaluable as we grew our business!”

Laryssa's Thought Leadership

Laryssa Wirstiuk is the founder and creative director of Joy Joya. She’s passionate about helping jewelry entrepreneurs tell impactful stories about their brands and products, so they can reach their target customers.

Laryssa is also the author of Jewelry Marketing Joy: An Approachable Introduction to Marketing Your Jewelry Brand and the host of the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Podcast. She has presented at a number of industry conferences and has appeared as a guest on webinars and at other digital events, speaking on the subject of marketing for jewelry brands.

Many people don’t realize that Laryssa has academic training in creative writing; one of her first jobs after graduate school was as an adjunct instructor at Rutgers University, where she taught creative writing for five years.

She never abandoned her passion for teaching and strives to educate as many people as she can about jewelry marketing. She believes that knowledge about marketing is the prerequisite to success in business.

Problems We Solve

Lack of Brand Identity

If your brand isn’t communicating a “why” or a memorable story, then you’re probably getting lost in a sea of forgettable jewelry brands. We can create a cohesive and impactful brand identity that will help you connect with the customers you want to reach – for the long term.

Undefined Target Customers

The problem with most jewelry brands is that they want to reach everyone with their products. By trying to reach everyone, they’re actually reaching no one at all. We can help you define your target customers in a specific way, based on your own data, industry insights, and more.

Inconsistent Messaging

Many jewelry brands don’t make a consistent enough effort with their marketing, spreading their focus too thin across many platforms rather than focusing on the most impactful ones. As a result, they fail to create coherent messaging. We can streamline your messaging.

Customer Journey Challenges

Are you wondering why customers are interacting with your brand but not making purchases? Do you want to know why people browse but don’t buy? You may be ignoring obstacles and gaps in the customer journey. We can help you identify and correct those issues.

Where We've Been Recognized