Don’t “Boost” Facebook Posts or “Promote” Instagram Posts

If your jewelry brand currently has a social media marketing strategy that involves Facebook and/or Instagram, you’ve probably seen notifications like: “People are boosting posts like…to reach more people. Try boosting this post.” “This post is performing better than 90% of other posts…” Have you tried boosting a post to see if [...]

Jewelry Design Thief

The Importance of Watermarking Your Jewelry Photographs

Jewelry can be so easy to copy; some swindling entrepreneurs attend trade shows just to peep other designers’ works. Then, they decide how they can manufacture the designs with cheaper materials. Ultimately, they try to sell their knock-off pieces at lower prices. Even worse, many consumers don’t understand the true value of diamonds, [...]

How to Avoid Advertising

How a Jewelry Brand Can Avoid Spending Money on Advertising

These days, most jewelry designers work on a shoestring budget, reinvesting whatever profit they make into creating new pieces for their collections. Furthermore, jewelry store owners are wary of spending money on advertising because they can’t predict its effectiveness and what its return on investment will be. Through advertising in the late 1940s, diamond [...]