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Interview with Owen Cappellini about Video Marketing for Jewelry Brands

In Episode #68 of the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Podcast, I interview Owen Cappellini, a video marketer with a true passion for authentic storytelling. In July of 2017, he started working with YouTube watch vlogger Teddy Baldassarre to help him grow his channel from 13,000 subscribers to 178,000 subscribers.

Teddy’s videos have amassed 26.6 million views and have been watched for more than 2 million hours. Together with Teddy and his team, Owen has created content for brands like Lufthansa and Vacheron Constantin and collaborated with celebrities like Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary.

In this episode, we focus mostly on Owen’s experience with growing Teddy’s watch-focused YouTube channel and how jewelry brands can use video marketing in a strategic way. Some other topics include:

  • How video can fit into an overall digital marketing strategy
  • Examples of luxury brands that are using video in unique ways
  • How much a jewelry brand can expect to invest in video marketing
  • What’s involved in a video marketing strategy, including amount of planning and timeline
  • Best practices for sharing and repurposing videos, especially across multiple platforms
  • ROI expectations and results from video marketing
  • …and more!

Be sure to visit Owen’s website to check out his portfolio and follow him on Instagram @owencapp.