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Jewelry Email Marketing Subject Lines

According to data from Campaign Monitor, more than 116 million emails get sent on Black Friday alone. Can you remember Black Friday 2019 and how many emails you received from brands you follow? Today’s consumers are bombarded by emails not only on Black Friday but every day. Even if you’re not planning to participate in traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions this year, you’re still going to need to differentiate yourself through email.

Did you know that nearly 50% of subscribers decide to open a message based on the subject line? The first step to getting a subscriber to read your email is to get that subscriber to open your email. Otherwise, nothing else matters: forget your amazing coupon code and say goodbye to the time you spent crafting clever copywriting and impactful calls to action. Arguably, your subject line matters more than any other aspect of your email campaign.

Subject lines are notoriously difficult to craft: not only do they need to be short and concise, but they also need to be compelling and relevant. They need to amplify your brand voice and create a sense of urgency and need. They need to make the customer feel like a VIP, even if he or she knows that the email is also being sent to thousands of other people.

If you feel stuck about effective subject lines to use in your holiday email marketing campaigns or any email marketing campaigns throughout the year, then you’ll definitely want to try these effective subject line types – and then pay attention to your open rates. Adjust your strategy accordingly based on the subject lines that attract the most interest.

Clever and Playful

The clever and playful subject email isn’t necessarily appropriate for every jewelry brand, since not every jewelry brand has a playful personality. However, some brands can benefit from this approach, which borrows heavily from creative writing tactics and poetic devices like puns, rhyming, alliteration, and cliched phrases made new again. For example, a quick glance in my email inbox reveals the following clever and playful subject lines from jewelry brands:

  • “The Missing Link” from Loren Stewart – a product-focused email highlighting the brand’s Long Link Chain
  • “Text Is Next” from Switch – a product-focused email highlighting a trendy curated collection of jewelry featuring words
  • “For Your Sweet Tooth” from Irene Neuwirth – a product-focused email highlighting the brand’s Gumball Beaded Candy Necklaces
  • “Mantra Magic” from Jacquie Aiche – a product-focused email introducing new mantra cards

Direct Discount

Sometimes, you just don’t want to beat around the bush, and you want your customers to take advantage of a special discount or promotion, especially if you’re only running it for a limited time, or you only offer discounts once per year. The direct discount approach to subject lines makes the discount the main focus of the copy. It’s eye-catching and to-the-point. Here are some examples from my own email inbox:

  • “SPEND $75, GET $25 ⭐️” from Luca + Danni
  • “How does free shipping sound?” from JTV
  • “This Sale is GOLD | 15% Off” from Welry

Get Personal

According to data from Yes Lifecycle Marketing, personalizing your email subject lines can increase open rates by 50% and lead to 58% higher click-to-open rates. You don’t necessarily have to include the recipient’s name in the email to make the subject line feel personalized. Instead, you can turn the attention to the subscriber instead of to yourself. So many email subject lines are focused on “Us! Us! Us! Pay attention to us?” Imagine what you could achieve by paying attention to your subscriber. Here are some examples of more personal, user-focused subject lines:

  • “These Are Your Favorites” from Luca + Danni
  • “Autumn Treat for you – new styles added😍” from Sif Jakobs Jewellery
  • “At Your Service” from Irene Neuwirth
  • “As told by you ❤️” from Luca + Danni

Share Your Voice

One of the best ways to get noticed and to stand out in an inbox full of email subject lines is to use a voice that’s authentic to your brand, including any special language that’s unique to the brand personality. Pushing boundaries with brand voice doesn’t necessarily work for every brand, but it can definitely give a quirky brand a true advantage in the email marketing game. Here are some examples:

  • “We love Huggies. But also Biggies.” from The Last Line, referring to a proprietary product name called the “Biggie”
  • “One Fine Color Story👩‍🎨🌈 ” from The Last Line with a painter and rainbow emoji
  • Basically any subject line from Alison Lou, which features multiple emojis (the brand is known for is emoji jewelry)

What are some subject lines that have worked for your brand in the past? Which ones do your customers seem to love the most? We’d love to hear about your experiences (and frustrations) with subject lines.

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