Jewelry Marketing Coaching

I tried to learn marketing for my jewelry business on my own, but I became so confused and overwhelmed by all of the new terminology and resources. Because Laryssa is specifically in the jewelry industry, she understood exactly what I needed for my particular business. She came to me with a well-organized plan to logically take me through the steps to become marketing savvy with my jewelry business.

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If you prefer a more hands-on approach to running your jewelry business and would like to understand the inner workings of marketing for jewelry brands, then you would benefit from our customized marketing coaching program. Some of our clients sign up for coaching even if they’re also taking advantage of our digital marketing services, so they can feel more in control of how their business is growing and evolving, thanks to effective marketing.

Before we design the coaching program, we identify a challenge or a short-term marketing goal. From there, we custom-design a program that can help the client overcome that challenge or reach the goal. Programs typically last eight weeks, with one-hour conference calls once per week (scheduled at the client’s convenience). We provide action items and assignments for the client to complete on his or her own time, and we’re available by email to answer questions.

Below is a sample outline for a coaching program that would be appropriate for a new ecommerce jewelry business owner who’s starting to put together a branding and marketing strategy. However, we work with jewelry business owners and leaders at all phases of business and with all types of marketing challenges.

Week 1: Why is a Competitive Analysis so important, and how can you conduct one?
Week 2: What are Customer Personas, and how can you pinpoint and describe your target customers?
Week 3: How can you brainstorm a vision for your brand identity and then communicate it to the professionals who will help you develop it?
Week 4: How can you execute your brand identity throughout all your customer touchpoints with photography, packaging, product descriptions, brand story, and more?
Week 5: How can you setup and manage your ecommerce store for optimal results?
Week 6: How can you use social media to promote your brand?
Week 7: How can you manage your email list and use email marketing to your advantage?
Week 8: How can you use data to adjust your ecommerce strategy and create more effective marketing campaigns in the future?

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can benefit from our marketing coaching services for jewelry brands, please schedule a free 30-minute consultation, so we can get to know your individual needs and propose a program that would work best for you.