Our Services

Branding Strategy

We uncover your jewelry brand’s story and develop a Look, Tone, and Feel for your brand. Then, we implement the new brand across all channels and share your story with the right target markets, so it “sticks” in their minds and inspires them to buy.

Content Strategy and Creation

Developing a content strategy for your jewelry brand means finding ways to communicate your story and unique value proposition – and then seeking opportunities to place content in front of your target consumers and inspiring them to share it.


Effective jewelry copywriting can enliven your product descriptions, improve social media engagement, breathe new life into your brand story, clarify customer service policies, improve your search engine ranking, educate and inform your customers, and inspire trust.

Creative Direction

Do you need someone to serve as an intermediary for all your creative services providers, including photographers, graphic designers, and stylists? We develop the concepts and then ensure that the execution of those concepts stay “on brand”.

Digital Marketing Strategy

If you’re launching a jewelry brand or rethinking your position in the marketplace, you’ll need a digital marketing plan that will help you achieve your business goals. This plan can include many moving parts, like social media, email, content, and more.

Ecommerce Optimization

If your ecommerce website isn’t converting visitors into customers, it may be time for an audit. We can evaluate the appearance and usability of your website and provide recommendations for improvements that will increase sales.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to connect with customers because it can be automated and personalized at the same time. A successful email strategy can include sending regular promotions and valuable, interesting content.

Event Marketing

When it comes to events for your jewelry brand, trunk shows and pop-ups are just the beginning. Event marketing – also known as “experiential marketing” or “engagement marketing” – is a great way to engage with target customers in real time.

Influencer Marketing

With a strong brand in place and a solid social media strategy to support you, you may be ready to develop strategic relationships with brand ambassadors, micro-influencers, and influencers who share their natural enthusiasm for your jewelry.

Search Engine Optimization

Just because you create a website for your jewelry brand doesn’t mean your target customers can find it. To improve your ranking in search engine results, you’ll need to choose the right SEO keywords for your brand and optimize your website for them.

Social Media Marketing

Today’s jewelry brands must maintain an active social media presence. Not only can we ensure that your social media stays “on brand”, but we can also develop a strategy that resonates with your target customers. Better yet: we do the posting.

Video Marketing

When you invest in video marketing for your jewelry brand, you’ll building more genuine relationships with your customers, boost your organic social media engagement, attract customers to your website, and inspire customers to return.