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Interview With Marketing Expert Paul Spinak on Jewelry Branding

In Episode #117 of the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Podcast, I interview Paul Spinak, founder of The Marketing Machine, an innovative and creative marketing agency located in downtown Raleigh, NC. Paul is the agency’s creative director, marketing strategist, brand guardian, and sales force all wrapped up in one high-octane package.

Paul and I first bonded over our shared love of branding, and then I found out we had much more in common. We were both born and raised in New Jersey, so he’s basically my brother from another mother.

In this episode, we focus our discussion on two very nebulous topics that confuse many jewelry entrepreneurs – marketing strategy and branding. What in the world do these two terms mean, and how can you wrap your head around them as a small business owner? We’ll answer all those questions in this episode.

It was such a pleasure to be able to chat with Paul about marketing strategy and branding, and I hope you have a slightly clearer understanding of these topics now. To learn more about Paul’s agency The Marketing Machine, visit the agency’s website

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