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Pinterest’s “Secret” Boards as a Marketing Tool for Your Jewelry Brand

You’ve probably thought about how you can use Pinterest as a customer-facing social media marketing tool. If you use Shopify, you’ve likely linked your store to your Pinterest account. You may have even promoted some of your Pins. But have you considered using Pinterest as an internal marketing tool?

We’re not suggesting you abandon Pinterest as a social media marketing platform. In fact, you may even want to start using it more often. JCK recently posted that – despite all the attention on Instagram – “Pinterest still has a horse in the race, too”. If you want to read more about the role Pinterest will play in your 2019 social media marketing strategy, read this article.

Right now, we’re just more excited about Pinterest as a planning tool, which is especially valuable when you collaborate with someone like us on your branding and marketing strategies. Are you taking full advantage of the potential of Pinterest? In this blog post, we share some ideas for getting the most out of this digital vision board that allows you to discover and share visual content.

First, you’ll want to know about Pinterest’s “Secret Board” feature, since you’ll be using the following tips internally – and will want to keep your pins a secret. When you create a Secret Board, only you and any users you invite to join your Secret Board will be able to view it. For instructions on how to create a secret board, view this article. Once you’ve created your secret board, try some of these ideas:

Create a vision board for your brand

Are you currently in the process of figuring out a Look/Tone/Feel for your brand? You may want to start by pinning any photo that captures the overall vibe you want to communicate. These photos don’t even need to be related to jewelry or your business. For example, you may simply like the packaging design of a chocolate bar or the colors on the exterior of a building. Save anything that moves you to a Secret Board.

Use it in collaboration with a Photography Brief for photoshoots

Are you planning an upcoming photoshoot with a professional photographer? You’ll definitely want to provide the photographer with a Photography Brief, which is a document that defines the purpose and vision of the photoshoot. This should establish the preferred photography style and tone and iron out details like space, environment, and lighting. In addition to providing a Photography Brief, you can invite your photographer to a Secret Board, where you’ve shared examples of photos/poses you like.

Save inspirational social media posts, editorial photography, or product photography

Once it comes time to plan for a major social media announcement, new direction for product photography, or photos for a new campaign, you know that you’ve seen some great examples from other brands you’d like to emulate – but you simply can’t remember where you saw them. Instead, whenever you see something you like or that inspires you, pin it to a Secret Board. Then, when your idea well runs dry, you can turn to your Pinterest board for inspiration.

Planning an event for event marketing

Event marketing can be a major undertaking for a jewelry brand – but creating a Secret Board can be a great way to organize yourself. So many people already use Pinterest for planning weddings and other major milestone parties, so why not use it for your business’ promotional events? For example if you’re planning to host a pop-up shop, pin photos related to your color scheme, display cases, visual merchandising, signage ideas, and more.

Visualize your target customer

Once you’ve defined your target customer and taken the steps to learn more about her, you may want to go one step further and visualize her. Create a Secret Board named after your hypothetical target customer and pin things that are related to her life and lifestyle – the clothing she likes to wear, the places she likes to travel, the things she like to enjoy in her free time. Returning to this target customer board again and again will help you remember who she is and how you can communicate with her.

Are you already taking advantage of Pinterest Secret Boards? If so, what are some creative ways that you use them?