In 2016, our client wanted to engage influencers by inviting them to exclusive events in their engagement ring showroom.

Once we connected with a relevant influencer, and she accepted an invitation, our goal was to provide her with an exceptional customer experience worth sharing with friends and followers.

Influencer Thanks Brand for Goodie Bag on Snapchat

In one particular case, we created an event around the theme of Downtown Los Angeles, where the client’s showroom is located. We purchased “Instagrammable” treats from local patisserie Bottega Louie and a bouquet of flowers from the Flower District, and we pre-selected jewelry we thought the influencer would like, based on her responses to a short questionnaire we shared with her before the visit.

During and after the event, the influencer posted numerous photos and videos from her visit to her Snapchat account. After the event, we published a blog post on the client’s blog about the influencer’s visit. The post contained photos from her visit, and it explained why my client was so excited to host her and show her jewelry. The influencer retweeted the post to her Twitter followers.

Have you ever hosted this type of event before? If not, what type of event could you imagine hosting for your jewelry brand or store?