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Three SEO Copywriting Tips for Jewelry Brands

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of making improvements to your jewelry brand’s Internet presence, so you can appear in the top search results for keywords related to your brand. The copywriting on your website – including product descriptions, company information, and more – plays a major role in SEO.

First, let’s take a few steps back: before you can worry about your copywriting, you must choose your target SEO keywords. Keywords are words or short phrases that people use when they’re searching Google or other search engines, and the keywords you choose to target should be related to your products. For example, if you sell Colombian emerald jewelry, you may want to target keywords like “Colombian emerald jewelry” (the most obvious), “Colombian emerald earrings”, “unique emerald jewelry”, and “quality emerald jewelry”.

The best keywords are high volume, which means that many people are searching for them, but aren’t very competitive, which means that not many other jewelry brands are already trying to target them. Starting with five to 10 goal keywords is sufficient for most small businesses.

Once you choose your goal keywords, you’ll have to find ways to incorporate them into your website copy. However, you can’t simply sprinkle keywords wherever you please. “Keyword stuffing”, the process of jamming dozens and dozens of keywords into your content, regardless of whether or not their placement makes any sense, simply doesn’t work anymore.

Instead, you must strive for a balance in your writing that’s interesting enough to keep visitors on the page and relevant enough to incorporate your keywords naturally. Here are some tips for doing that:

Follow a clear structure. Do you have pages or blog posts on your site with longer content? For example, you may have a Brand Story page that explains your value proposition, or you may have a blog post about what sets your materials and craftsmanship apart. Before you start incorporating keywords, make sure the writing has a solid backbone and maintains the reader’s interest to keep him or her on the page for as long as possible, since “dwell time” also plays an important role in SEO.

If your content is descriptive and informative, then you should easily be able to add a few of your keywords into the mix without overwhelming the page.

Focus on the critical page elements. If you’re not sure how to add keywords to the body content of your page or post, then focus on the critical elements, like the page or post title, the first sentence of the body, image titles and alt text, in one of the headings on the page, or in the meta title and meta description.

Write a page or blog post about one of your keywords. Are you having trouble incorporating keywords into existing content on your website? Instead, create some completely new content, either a new web page or a blog post. For example, if you’re trying to optimize for the keyword we mentioned at the beginning of this post, “quality emerald jewelry”, then you may want to write a new blog post about the facts that distinguish quality emerald jewelry from cheap or poorly-made emerald jewelry. That way, you’ll have no problem at all working the keyword into the content.

When writing your pages or blog posts, you’ll also want to keep other SEO best practices in mind. According to this article from Search Engine Journal, “Average content length for Page 1 results is around 1,900 words”. Focus on length and substance, even if you think that most visitors to your website don’t have the attention span to read a longer block of content.

If you’re having trouble choosing keywords and incorporating them into your content, or you still don’t understand the value of taking the time to do these things, we can help. Our search engine optimization services for jewelry brands can help you get your website noticed by the right customers, without having to spend money on advertisements, simply through the power and influence of Google search.