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What Is, and How Can Your Jewelry Brand Benefit from It?

If you’ve started the process of researching potential influencers for your jewelry brand, then you’ve likely seen the handle in those influencer’s Instagram captions. Have you been wondering what it means? In this blog post, we explain what you need to know about the platform and how you can leverage it in your digital marketing strategy.

Currently, Instagram makes it pretty difficult for consumers to shop the platform unless they are visiting a retailer’s Instagram profile, since businesses can only tag their own products for shopping. Influencers cannot tag products for shopping if they’re not selling the products through their own proprietary store. To make matters worse, neither influencers nor brands can really post links to direct consumers to a specific site or ecommerce store, since Instagram only allows one clickable link in the user profile. For jewelry brands that want to see how well their influencer campaigns are performing, these limitations can pose problems. and its parent company rewardStyle aim to solve that problem. is a consumer-facing, ready-to-shop platform that aggregates influencer content. Whenever a participating influencer creates a new Instagram post with a tag and link, then the app makes that post shoppable.

To shop the posts, consumers must simply download the free app and then screenshot the Instagram posts that feature products they’d like to buy. Alternatively, they can use the app to search for an influencer’s content and then browse for influencers related to their shopping interests. On the app, the consumer can see all the products featured in the influencer’s posts and then find links to the retailers’ websites.

rewardStyle, which is an invitation-only end-to-end content monetization platform that partners with 11,000 hand-selected top influencers and one million brands from all over the world (typically focused on beauty, clothing, and accessories), connects influencers with brands for strategic marketing partnerships.

Influencers make a small commission on any products sold through the app, and brands must pay a flat fee, which covers influencer marketing campaign management at every stage. Consumers don’t receive any discounts for shopping through the app, but it does make shopping easier for them, since serves as a central portal for finding and shopping coveted fashion items.

For brands, the major benefit of working with rewardStyle is the access to a publishing platform, with content that’s promoted to millions of targeted customers every month. Furthermore, rewardStyle does all the legwork when it comes to finding the appropriate influencers, and it provides brands with valuable data about their influencer campaigns. According to, they’ve helped facilitate $1.6 billion in sales to their retail partners since 2011 (and that statistic is from 2017).

How can you know if it’s right for your business? Well, first you should be aware that the majority of the user demographic (75%) is between the ages of 18 and 34, so if you’re not targeting customers in that age group, then rewardStyle would not be a good fit for you. In addition, you’ll only want to use it if your target customer spends time on Instagram. If you’re a smaller, up-and-coming brand hoping to compete with larger brands, then getting featured on can help level the playing ground for you. Finally, you’re going to have to feel comfortable with giving away some product, since the influencers will need it in order to create the content.

If you’re interested in joining the brand network, you must submit an application, which you can find here.

What do you think? Have you played around with If you’re curious to see how jewelry brands are featured on the app, then search for “jewelry” in the search function. From there, you can view all the influencers who are partnering with jewelry brands and take note of how the jewelry is being featured.