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Why Choose a Jewelry Marketing Consultant Instead of a General Marketing Consultant?

When I tell people that I’m a marketing consultant who works exclusively with jewelry brands, most respond with, “Wow, that’s very specific!” As a jewelry business owner, you may also be surprised to find a consultant who handles your specific niche – and wondering how Joy Joya is different.

If you’re looking for marketing assistance, you may be confused about whether to choose a general digital marketing consultant, a full-blown marketing agency, or a consultancy like Joy Joya, which focuses solely on jewelry brands. In this blog post, I’ll explain why I decided to focus my attention and energy on jewelry brands and share some of the benefits of working with a marketing specialist rather than a generalist, so you can make an informed business decision.

I choose to focus on helping jewelry business owners for three reasons: 1) I’m in love with jewelry; 2) I’m passionate about helping creative entrepreneurs, especially jewelry designers and startup retailers; and 3) I follow my own marketing advice. So, why should these things matter to you as a jewelry business owner? Allow me to explain.

First, I’m a jewelry marketing consultant because I’m obsessed with jewelry. When I was in college, I would watch JTV for fun, just so I could learn about all the various gemstones. If I ever have extra money, I’m thinking about the next piece of jewelry I’ll be buying myself. Or I’m browsing deals for vintage jewelry and loose gemstones online. Many people don’t know that I also used to sell jewelry; I’m Diamond Certified through the Diamond Council of America and have taken courses at the GIA. Due to my passion and knowledge, I can help you communicate your jewelry brand to your target customers in an accurate and articulate way. Not only do I help brands like yours sell their jewelry, but I’m also a savvy jewelry buyer myself – so I know what customers do and don’t want.

Second, I’m a jewelry marketing consultant because my mission in life is to help creative entrepreneurs, especially jewelry designers and retailers. I’m a very creative person who for many years struggled with making sense of how I could be creative in a career and follow my dreams. I know that many jewelry business owners – especially designers who are trying to sell direct to consumer – also struggle to balance the creative part of the business with the strategic stuff. Wouldn’t you like to work with someone who’s been in your shoes and wants to help you fulfill your dreams?

Finally, I’m a jewelry marketing consultant because I follow my own marketing advice. In my last blog post, I wrote about appealing to niche audiences to find success. In his writings, Seth Godin reminds us to stop trying to please everyone and to reach the customers who really matter. I preach this to my clients, so I follow it myself. As a jewelry marketing consultant, I have narrowed down my target customer from All Business Owners to Jewelry Business Owners. On one hand, this may seem limiting. But on the other hand, I know exactly how to reach and speak to my potential clients because I know exactly who they are. When you work with me, you’ll be working with someone who follows her own principles and can show you how to implement them in your own business. I would never recommend you do something for your jewelry business that I wouldn’t do myself.

When you’re researching general marketing consultants, you’ll likely find that these generalists offer many of the same services that Joy Joya does. In fact, we may even have a similar approach and even similar pricing. However, a general marketing consultant probably can’t chat with you for hours about the beauty and craftsmanship of your latest ring. That consultant isn’t going to admire and covet your products – and then infuse all your marketing with joy and enthusiasm. That consultant isn’t going to know that you truly have unique products and how to help you stand out in the marketplace. That consultant is probably going to help you cast a wide blanket over every possible customer and hope for the best, when you’d be better off targeting a niche and building a loyal following within that niche.

I’m here for the jewelry business owners, and I really can’t imagine ever wanting to market anything else. Can a general marketing consultant say that?