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Why It’s Important to Infuse Joy into Your Jewelry Marketing

You may have seen the viral video of UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi’s flawless floor routine. It’s true that her movements were technically perfect, but her radiating joy stole the show. Did you know your jewelry brand can learn from Katelyn and apply these lessons to your marketing strategy?

In a recent article for Inc., writer Carmine Gallo pointed out, “When you change the way you feel inside, the performer your audience sees will change.” This statement applies to your jewelry brand and your approach to marketing more than you may realize.

For example, if you fear the market is too saturated, you will subconsciously project that fear and allow it to hold you back. If you don’t think your jewelry is beautiful enough to compete with some of the other brands in the marketplace, you will be shy about speaking highly of your products to your customers. However, if you are truly joyful, if you’re having fun in the process, and you feel confident about your products, your customers will sense that – and buy into your joy. It will be contagious.

You may have “perfect 10” products, but if you’re not communicating the joy behind them, then you’ll never connect with your audience. In this blog post, we share two important steps you can take to find out what’s holding you back and how you can “smile big” in your marketing.

Uncover what’s limiting your joy

Why was Katelyn’s routine so remarkable? Many gymnasts, especially at the elite level, don’t smile when they’re performing. They look serious and aggressive – and for good reason! They’re focused and competitive, and they’re not overly concerned with entertaining the audience. However, Katelyn took an entirely different approach, smiling throughout.

If you’ve been in the jewelry industry for many years, you’re probably used to doing things like your competitors – and some of those things are old fashioned and unattractive. Everyone falls into the same habits, and it’s important to step back every once in a while, “What can I do differently to make a positive impression? How can I challenge the status quo?”

It may sound cheesy, but journaling can help. Free write about what makes you feel grateful about your business. Write all the things you love about designing and selling jewelry. Write all the things you love about your own creativity and designs. Tap back into your essence and purpose.

The more frequently you take the time to connect with those positive feelings, the more it will show in your marketing and in your interactions with customers.

Communicate your joy in your content marketing

Too many jewelry brands share the technical details of their jewelry, like the features and specifications. They talk about the materials and their value. Sure, those things are very important, but a typical customer doesn’t know very much about them and, frankly, doesn’t care.

Instead, shift to using “feeling” words in your content by building your emotional vocabulary. Instead of saying “This ring features an internally flawless diamond”, say “Being able to present our customers with an internally flawless diamond of this size sends chills down our spine. We’re truly honored to be able to find the right home for this rare specimen.”

Do you notice how the former consists of flat description, while the latter incorporates feeling and personality? Take a moment to review all your content – in your emails, on your website, and in your social media posts – and brainstorm ways you can infuse it with more genuine emotion.

Before long, you’ll be earning perfect 10s from your customers, not only for your technical expertise and execution but for your infectious attitude and approach to your work. Everyone will want to wear your pieces because they’re charged with your positive energy and enthusiasm.