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Introducing the Winner of the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Grant

Episode #252 – “Introducing the Winner of the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Grant”

This is Episode #252, and today we’re setting sail on an exciting new direction for the podcast. Podcast. If you’ve been following along, you might remember that earlier this year, we announced the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Grant. We were thrilled to receive so many incredible applications from talented jewelry businesses looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level.

Well, the wait is over! In June, we selected the recipient of the prestigious grant, and now, we’re officially embarking on this fabulous journey together.

Today, I’m delighted to unveil the winner of the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Grant, who will be receiving six months of digital marketing services courtesy of our agency, Joy Joya. It’s going to be a transformative experience for this jewelry brand, and we can’t wait to see their dreams turn into shining realities.

In this episode, not only will I reveal the name of the lucky grant recipient, but you’ll also have the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the founder and maker behind this exceptional jewelry business. We’ll sit down for an interview, where they’ll share their story, vision, and passion that fuels their creations.

Over the coming six months, we’ll be diving headfirst into the exhilarating world of jewelry marketing, witnessing firsthand the ups, the downs, and the dazzling successes that come with elevating a brand’s digital presence. So, whether you’re a fellow jewelry entrepreneur looking to gain valuable insights or simply a jewelry aficionado eager to learn more about the craft and business behind your favorite pieces, this new direction is made for you!

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Laryssa Wirstiuk 0:00
Ready to break free from algorithms, vanity PR, and money-sucking ads? My name’s Laryssa Wirstiuk, and I’ve learned in 7 years of jewelry marketing that content is the crown jewel. My agency Joy Joya takes a holistic approach, leading with laser-focused storytelling, impactful content creation, and strategic content distribution. This method has worked for the solopreneur as well as the multi-million-dollar company, and now I’m sharing these systems and tactics with you. Here’s to standing out in the Sea of Sparkle.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 0:35
This is Episode #252, and today we’re setting sail on an exciting new direction for the podcast. Podcast. If you’ve been following along, you might remember that earlier this year, we announced the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Grant. We were thrilled to receive so many incredible applications from talented jewelry businesses looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level. Well, the wait is over! In June, we selected the recipient of the prestigious grant, and now, we’re officially embarking on this fabulous journey together. Today, I’m delighted to unveil the winner of the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Grant, who will be receiving six months of digital marketing services courtesy of our agency, Joy Joya. It’s going to be a transformative experience for this jewelry brand, and we can’t wait to see their dreams turn into shining realities. In this episode, not only will I reveal the name of the lucky grant recipient, but you’ll also have the unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the founder and maker behind this exceptional jewelry business. We’ll sit down for an interview, where they’ll share their story, vision, and passion that fuels their creations. Over the coming six months, we’ll be diving headfirst into the exhilarating world of jewelry marketing, witnessing firsthand the ups, the downs, and the dazzling successes that come with elevating a brand’s digital presence. So, whether you’re a fellow jewelry entrepreneur looking to gain valuable insights or simply a jewelry aficionado eager to learn more about the craft and business behind your favorite pieces, this new direction is made for you! Remember to stay tuned after the interview with our grant winner, since I’ll still be sharing my regular Gold Mine segment.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 2:46
But before we get to the solid gold, I’d like to take a moment to remind you that this podcast has both audio and video – so you can either listen on your favorite podcast platform or watch on YouTube by searching “Joy Joya”. You can support the podcast for free by taking the time not only to subscribe but also to leave a rating and review on Apple Podcasts. If you leave a review, I might read it on a future episode – please let me know what you think about this episode or about any other major takeaways you’ve had recently.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 3:18
Okay, let’s get into today’s episode, my Sparklers! So as I mentioned in the intro, I’m unveiling the winner of the 2023 Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Grant and basically the subject of this podcast for the next six months. Are you ready? Drumroll, please! {pause} {pause} The winner of the grant is Hilary Finck Jewelry. This brand is founded and led by Hilary Finck, who handcrafts all her jewelry pieces. This is a cutting-edge and growing brand that appeals to collectors who have a love for individuality and an eye for innovative design. Hilary will be joining us virtually from the San Francisco Bay Area. With over two decades of experience under her belt, she’s a true master of her craft, specializing in crafting one-of-a-kind and small batch pieces using traditional metalsmithing techniques, precious metals, and unique stones. What sets Hilary’s work apart is her unwavering dedication to celebrating originality. Each piece she creates is a testament to her love for perpetual exploration and development, resulting in designs that are both unconventional and sophisticated. By blending color, texture, form, and intricate details, Hilary ensures that no two pieces are ever alike, making them future heirlooms in their own right. Her Captured collection, which is my personal favorite, truly highlights the beauty of gemstones and natural materials. In addition to her creative endeavors, Hilary is an active figure in the jewelry community, generously sharing her knowledge by teaching jewelry and metalsmithing classes at prestigious art centers like the Palo Alto Art Center in California and the Silvermine Art Center in Connecticut. Not to mention her incredible contributions as the President of the Metal Arts Guild from 2021 to 2023, where she played a vital role in championing and supporting Bay Area metal artists and jewelers. Hilary’s passion for her craft is infectious, and her dedication to creating unique and captivating pieces is evident in every stroke of her hammer and placement of gemstones. Without further delay, let’s hear directly from Hilary what she thinks are her strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and goals.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 5:56
Hi, Hilary. Welcome to the podcast. I’m so excited to have you and your brand as the recipient of the Joy Joy Jewelry Marketing Grant this year. And I’m also very excited to share you with the podcast listeners and viewers. So welcome.

Hilary Finck 6:13
Thank you, Laryssa. I’m excited too.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 6:16
Yeah, so I figured we would start off by just letting everyone know more about your business. So you can introduce yourself and give some background information about your brand.

Hilary Finck 6:28
So I’m Hilary Finck, and my brand is called Hillary Finck jewelry. And officially my business has been back in business for five, about five years now. I was making jewelry in the early 2000s. And kind of had a career transition and wasn’t making jewelry for many years. But now I’m back at it full time. It’ll be five years to September, which is really exciting. And really, what I like to make is just jewelry that feels really good for the wearer, something that’s really unique. I do a lot of one of a kind. And what I really want my jewelry to speak to is just you know, individuality, uniqueness. When someone gets a piece, I want them to know that there’s most likely no one else on earth that’s going to have a piece like that. And that feels really good to me. It keeps things interesting to me. And I want to keep things interesting for my clients too.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 7:28
And I know you’re also just involved in the jewelry industry in general, what are some ways that you’re you’re active in the industry?

Hilary Finck 7:35
I was just the recent president of the Metal Arts Guild, which is the Metal Arts Guild for the San Francisco Bay Area. And that’s a two year term. And so part of the term was a little bit still COVID-y. So we weren’t able to do a whole lot. But I had the opportunity to start a couple new programs. And I wanted to give back to our community. So I started a couple of grant programs myself, so we started doing a spring and a fall grant, and the fall grant was for people who want to take classes, and then the spring grant was for people that were already in business and something to help them like purchase a piece of equipment or, you know, maybe get some marketing services or something like that. So it was it was really nice to meet people in the community.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 8:32
Yeah, that sounds like an amazing initiative. I like that.

Hilary Finck 8:35
It was great. Yeah, definitely helped. I think it helped people understand, you know, kind of after, like the quiet time of COVID that like the Metal Arts Guild is still there. We’re here we want to help. And we want to get back.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 8:47
So in regard to your business, since you’ve started, you pretty much been doing all the things yourself, you’ve been on your own wearing all the hats, I know you are a member of Liz Kantner’s Stay Gold Collective. So you do have support in that form. But I’m really curious, like, over these years, doing all these things, what are like some of the challenges that you faced in running a business?

Hilary Finck 9:11
I mean, at first, it was just getting my jewelry out there and not really even understanding what was going on in the jewelry world because the last time I’d made a piece of jewelry was like 10 or 12 years prior. And so, you know, I came back, and now there’s Instagram, there might have been Facebook before I don’t know I wasn’t really using it though. You know, there’s ecommerce websites, you know, there’s all these things that were there to help, but I didn’t really know what I was doing. So to get back in I actually have hired a career coach, and she helped me launch relaunch my business, which was really helpful. But otherwise, you know, I think it’s just it’s just been kind of an uphill I’m not gonna say battle but just a you know, it’s just work to get your name out there to get your brand recognized to get your jewelry recognized. And a lot of that is marketing. And I will just fully admit that’s not my strong suit. So, you know, I feel like I’ve done fairly well, Instagram. I’ve been trying to do as many newsletters is, I feel my clientele will stand. But I know there’s just so much more that I can be doing. Which is why I applied for this grant.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 10:29
Yeah, and I mean, just on your own, I have to give Hilary credit because especially with social media, she’s done so much to just get herself to like a certain point of like engagement to grow her followers to build brand awareness. So she’s done such an amazing job of it. And now it’s time to get to the next level. Right, Hilary?

Hilary Finck 10:51
Yes, yes. I mean, Instagram can only take you so far. And it’s been great, you know, and I’ve become like one of these people who’s like addicted to Instagram, which is kind of annoying definitely has its drawbacks. But I also like to have a lot of fun with it.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 11:07
Yeah, I feel like in this day and age, with all the changes that are happening with Instagram, you kind of have to be like that present on the platform just to keep up with it. Yeah. So where would you say? Well, let’s start with where do you think you excel in marketing? I mean, we mentioned Instagram, are there any other areas where you feel like you’re comfortable with marketing?

Hilary Finck 11:28
I mean, I really only do two things, I’m Instagram. And I send out newsletters. And I’ve tried to be really consistent with my newsletters, and I tried to really create something for my newsletter community that only they’re going to get. Because I, you know, there’s, you’re really asking a lot of someone to invite you into their inbox. So, you know, I want to really build trust that way. I don’t want to overuse it, I don’t want to abuse it. But I want people to know that like I’m so incredibly thankful that they’re here as part of my community. And so what I’ve done is, since I love making one of a kind, and I kind of just like to make whatever I feel like making, I just put out like monthly or every other month I’ll put out collections. And so those are first dibs to my newsletter community. And then, but you know, I’ll be previewing them on Instagram. So that’s a way to generate new newsletter signups because I tell people, you know, first dibs goes to the newsletter community. And that’s worked really, really well. So I guess like connecting Instagram with my newsletter, like that has worked. But there’s really not a whole lot else I do. I don’t really, I know, there’s a lot of other things I could be doing, but I just don’t just don’t do them. It’s totally fine.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 12:57
And I agree. I mean, I think just the fact that you’ve figured out that how to use Instagram and email marketing together, even if it’s just those two channels, I think that that is like a step ahead of a lot of people learning how to like integrate those two things and like you said being really consistent which I think a lot of people a lot of jewelry business owners struggle with. Do you have any like tips or tricks for being consistent, since that’s something that you’ve been really good at?

Hilary Finck 13:29
I think the photography is probably the biggest thing is having you know, having your when something pops up in someone’s feed that needs to be recognizable as your brand. And so I’ve worked really hard on just making sure that each post has the same look and I don’t put a lot of stuff in it. It’s just the jewelry, it’s just the piece of jewelry. And the jewelry is also very big in the square. So you know it just it pops and it’s simple. So that to me once I started doing that, that really worked, you know also I mean maybe this sounds cliche, but I really love what I do and I really love making jewelry and making new pieces and photographing them and showing them and so I think that probably comes through a lot that like this is just like what I love to do so much you know there’s really nothing else I I’d rather do.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 14:27
Yeah, that authenticity is really important and in connecting with your customers I think and to your point about the consistency I think I noticed that a lot of jewelry business owners they struggle with like keeping up with that the consistent schedule, but I really like what you said about well, I just stick with a consistent look also and that probably makes it easier to just kind of like do it regularly because you don’t have to think too much about it. You’ve already nailed down like the brand identity the way you want the photographs to look. So that probably helps in like, the actual cadence of everything too.

Hilary Finck 15:05
Definitely. And I’m very lucky to have a studio with really great light. So it’s easy for me to just, you know, make a piece, photograph it, come home, maybe do a little bit of, you know, brightening or whatever needs to happen and pop it up on Instagram the next day. I don’t plan my Instagram posts. I know that’s kind of a big no no. But I don’t plan. I tried that for a while. And I’m such a like, spontaneous maker, that it’s hard for me to plan things because I might have things planned out. But then like two weeks later, I’m like, that’s not what I want to put up anymore. You know, I’ve made this other piece that I’m really excited about. So I kind of sabotage planning, it’s hard to, it’s hard to plan with the way I make jewelry. And I think that’s been part of the problem with, you know, being limited in how I market, because I don’t really know how to build a plan around it, you know?

Laryssa Wirstiuk 16:05
Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Also, I’m curious, did you have a learning curve in the photography itself? Or did you already have a background in like, knowing how to take pictures of little detailed things? Or was that something that you taught yourself over time?

Hilary Finck 16:22
I just kind of figured it out with my iPhone. And then I bought one of those clip on macro lenses. And that took once I started doing that, it like changed everything. And it just like it, it just makes the jewelry look incredible. And then I got the brand new iPhone, like the big one with the three lenses and the pro, you know, all that and it has a much better macro lens in it. But you can’t really use the clip on anymore. So it’s, it’s different. So I would say I mean, I’m happy with my new iPhone. But I have to say that clip on lens, if anyone has an iPhone where it’s they still just have like one or two little lenses. All you need is a clip on macro lens. It’s incredible.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 17:12
That’s a good tip. I didn’t even know that.

Hilary Finck 17:14
Super cheap, you know? Yeah, it’s they’re fabulous.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 17:18
Cool. So let’s talk about also, I know, you said, Okay, I’m only doing like these two things, really with marketing. But I guess in your trials, experiments, have you noticed there are specific things that you’re struggling with, with marketing?

Hilary Finck 17:35
I think it’s really just sticking to a plan. Yeah, because I will, you know, like, like you said, I’m part of the Stay Gold Collective. Liz will have these, you know, forums and sessions about all sorts of topics. And, you know, towards the beginning of the year, or maybe towards the end of one year, she’s asking us to start planning for the next year, obviously. And so I’ll be like, okay, good, you know, put out a content calendar on little Google Doc, and I’ll feel really good about it. And then I just like, kind of, maybe I look at it for like a month. But I don’t really look at it again. And I planned like six months out and I’m like, Oh, right. I said I was going to do this. And March, you know, and you know, another thing is, is I’m not a big like holiday person. And so I like I don’t really do much on Valentine’s Day. I don’t do much around Mother’s Day, you know? And then I feel like oh, well my clients aren’t. They’re not into those holidays, because I don’t do anything around those holidays really. And so I I struggle with that. I think I struggle with just like connecting all the little tiny pieces to make it all work into one big system. I think that’s it’s just seems very overwhelming to me.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 18:53
Because as a one person show, like how can you even expect for yourself to be able to see your business and all the moving parts? So objectively, you know, you’re in there, working on it, working on the jewelry, it’s really difficult to step back and like look at all these things together.

Hilary Finck 19:09
I find it to be very difficult. And you know, ideally, I would love to just be in my studio making jewelry. And a lot of time, that’s that’s what I do. And then I will be exhausted. And I’m like, oh shoot, I should have been, you know, doing this thing from home. You know? So it’s that like struggle between like, being an artist being a creator and forcing myself to do stuff that one I may not even understand, you know, or two just doesn’t come naturally to me and I maybe just kind of don’t enjoy it. So, yeah.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 19:47
That’s so true too what you said like the not understanding it’s like and maybe you do understand a little bit but then there’s always the question, could this be done better? Like am I doing this right? Am I doing this the most efficient way possible. So yeah.

Hilary Finck 20:02
Totally. I mean, it can definitely be done better. Yes. Without a doubt.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 20:08
Yeah, we all we all have room for improvement. That’s, you know, that’s just a given. So one of the most important things like when we’re starting with a new client, establishing goals, and for all of you listening and watching, this will be something that kind of evolves too. And I’ll be talking to Hilary about it. And we’ll continue exploring the goals in future episodes. But I’d really love to hear in Hillary’s own words, like what she feels are her goals for the business.

Hilary Finck 20:42
I mean, I think my biggest goal is to keep moving in a more high end, fine jewelry market and find those clients. You know, like, when I first started out five years ago, I was just working in silver, which is fine, I still love silver, I wear mostly silver, personally. And you know, a lot of my clients kind of came to know, that price point. And then I’ve kind of here and there started working with gold, I started working with gemstones, because I really just did metal and enamel I didn’t ever work with gemstones. And now working with gemstones is kind of what’s totally grown my business. So I just want to keep moving higher. And I want to make sure that I’m not leaving behind clientele, but also gaining new clientele, because I always want to make silver pieces. And those silver pieces might get a little more and more expensive over time. But I don’t want to leave anyone behind. But I want to I want to broaden. And so that’s a that’s a big goal for my business. Yeah, and then, you know, I mean, I’d love to know more about how to be on Pinterest and kind of use that platform. I mean, that’s another thing I think about, I’m always like, Ah, I don’t really understand it. And I don’t have the time. But I mean, that’s another goal. I would love to have more of a presence on on Pinterest as well. So yeah, different.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 22:16
I mean, that’s very different goals, but both great. And I think, yeah, adjusting your target audience and everything you said, like not alienating your past customers, but also moving forward and doing like what you want to do doing your vision, but still, you know, not leaving anyone behind? That is a huge challenge. And I think that’s a very common growing pain. Because sometimes at the beginning of your business, how do you know like, where you’re gonna want to go? Or how do you know like, what the reality is going to be for? Whatever you’re making and selling. So that makes so much sense. And to your point about Pinterest. I totally agree. I think it’s like one of the biggest missed opportunities with social media right now. But at the same time, I get why a lot of brands aren’t investing in it, because it does take time, effort, you know, curating the same way that being on Instagram does. So it’s not like an easy fix by any means. So that makes a lot of sense. Yeah. So when, when I informed Hilary, that she won the grant, we, I’m going through the same process with her that I would with any other Joy Joya client. And that always starts out with a brand and marketing audit. And the reason that we do that is not just to benefit the client, but also to help me and my team understand what is really going on, like an actual deep dive to try to see where the opportunities are, see what the strengths are, the weaknesses are and where we could really have the biggest impact. So that was the first step that I did with Hilary and I’m kind of curious to hear from you. Was there anything surprising about the results of that audit? Like what were some big takeaways that you had? Or like, what even made you excited about what you heard from that?

Hilary Finck 24:13
Well, first of all, I would say that anyone who’s interested in getting a brand audit should get in touch with Laryssa and get one. It was. It was awesome. And it was thorough and very professional and looked nice. And it made me feel it made me feel really good about my business, which is really nice.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 24:37
I also didn’t tell Hilary to say that so.

Hilary Finck 24:40
No, for real, like I was just totally delighted with reading it and you did a great job with it. And the thing that I would say there was two things that really kind of stuck out to me the most where I was like, Okay, this is this is why I need help. This is where I need help is the whole content marketing and content strategy and how everything connects to one another. So starting to have blog posts that are targeted with certain SEO, and then those blog posts, help drive people to your site through search, most likely, I guess that’s how that works. And then, you know, then tying in my newsletters and my social media content to the blog, like having it all tied together and tell a story is something I’ve known. That is possible, but I’ve never fully done it just because of the things we’ve talked about, like time, not knowing how to do it properly, and all that. So that’s something that I’m, I’m really excited about. And I’m I’m just kind of looking forward to see how it all works. And then the impacts that that has actually on my business.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 26:00
Just like you said, a lot of jewelry business owners know intuitively that there’s like potential with that, but one, they maybe don’t have the time to execute on it. And like I said before, they can’t step back to see the big picture. Or maybe because they’re so close to the story, it’s hard for them to understand how to, like, share that with someone else, or to like, pick out the parts of it, that might be interesting. Because to them, they’ve like heard it in their head so many times that like they don’t even think it’s interesting anymore to someone who doesn’t know anything. So that’s a challenge too.

Hilary Finck 26:38
Yeah, are the things that I think are interesting, are not they’re actually just really nerdy, like metal stripping things, you know, that like no one cares about?

Laryssa Wirstiuk 26:46
Yeah. Or they could be interesting, but it’s like about finding the right way to communicate that and that in that sometimes needs like another person to see and to like mediate those thoughts, you know?

Hilary Finck 27:01
Totally, totally. Yeah, well, then the other thing that I was really excited to read, and I love that you deep dive into all this as the analytics, you know, I have Google Analytics on my site, I have it, you know, crawling and doing all the things it does. But I just don’t look at it very often. And you know, I get my monthly report in the email that I look at, like whether things went up or down and all that and I’m like, okay, good. You know, I mean, that’s about all I do with it. And so I love that you kind of did the deep dive on that and explained some things in terms that I didn’t understand and just kind of explain how all of that ties into how people engage with my website. So I’m excited to track that over these six months to just see how that changes too.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 27:49
Absolutely, yeah, and we’ll be setting up Hilary with. So what we do, just to give some background information, it’s like, if you were to go in Google Analytics, there are so many different types of data you could be looking at. And I think that’s why people don’t check in with it, because it’s really overwhelming. So what we do for clients is we’ll be choosing this is like nerdy marketing speak, but key performance indicators or KPIs. And those are just, okay, we’re only going to focus on these pieces of data. Because those are the things that matter right now based on like, where you are in your business, what our goals are. And that way, you can almost like put blinders on and just focus on those things, rather than getting overwhelmed by like all the numbers. So we’ll have a dashboard where we like just look at those things. And I think it makes it a lot easier to digest and manageable and easier for the client to like talk through it with them. And that way, they don’t get distracted by the other stuff or worried about other numbers that right now at least like at this stage of business, they aren’t as important. So that’s one thing that will be really helpful too.

Hilary Finck 29:03
Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.

Laryssa Wirstiuk 29:05
So overall, I mean, is there anything you’re really looking forward to, from this experience? What are your thoughts moving forward for like, the next six months?

Hilary Finck 29:14
I’m just, I’m just, I’m just excited to get started. I’m excited to work with you to kind of see how the, how it’s all made, you know, and see how it all starts to tie in together. And marketing is a little bit of a mystery to me. And so I’m looking for, you know, just a little bit of the onion peel to be pulled off, you know, so it’s really just about the big picture to me. It’s gonna be like Wizard of Oz, where we like see who’s behind the curtain.

Hilary Finck 29:48
Yeah, well, thank you for chatting with me today, Hilary. You’ll be hearing all listeners and viewers. You’ll be hearing a lot more from Hilary for the next six months and we’ll be working with her, you’ll be joining her on this journey and hopefully learning a lot from her own experience. And I want to remind anyone if they have questions, or they want to hear specific things about what we’re working on, feel free to reach out to me and we can talk with Hilary about that. So thanks again, Hillary. I’m so excited to work with you.

Hilary Finck 30:21
Thank you, and I’m very excited to just totally delighted

Laryssa Wirstiuk 30:25
What did you think about the interview? Are you excited to follow Hilary on this journey? I highly encourage you to check out Hilary’s website and follow her on Instagram @hilaryfinckjewelry. Link in the show notes as well. Let me know in a podcast review or YouTube comment what you think about this new journey. Okay, let’s get into THE GOLD MINE.

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Welcome to another edition of THE GOLD MINE – a segment where I get personal and share insights on entrepreneurship, mindset, success, growth, and all things business. Even though we’ve changed the podcast format, I can’t resist continuing with THE GOLD MINE because it allows me to share topics and insights close to my heart. This week, we’ll delve into an activity that may sound a bit mundane but has had a tremendous impact on my business. I’m excited to suggest it to you and reveal how it transformed my approach to work. So, in this edition of THE GOLD MINE, I want to talk about time tracking. I know, it might not sound like the most thrilling subject, but trust me, it’s a game-changer! About two years, I started tracking all my work hours at the advice of a mentor. This simple habit gave me valuable insights into how I was using my time, what tasks were holding me back from more impactful income-generating activities, and where I could potentially delegate or outsource to enhance efficiency. I’m sharing this with you because I understand the struggles faced by small business owners in the jewelry industry, especially when it comes to managing everything, especially marketing. By taking a closer look at your daily work, you can reprioritize tasks and make better use of your time, leading to greater business success without burning yourself out. Now, let’s talk about the process. When I start my workday, I track my time from beginning to end. You can do this manually by jotting it down or using a time tracking app. Personally, I recommend one like, which allows you to categorize different projects and easily enter the time spent on each. Commit to this habit for at least a month, choosing a typical period for your business to get a clear picture of your time allocation. Divide your hours into categories like email marketing, social media, client interactions, designing, and whatever else suits your business. Then, at the end of the month, run a report to review your productivity, active work hours, and how you distribute your time across different activities. You’ll be surprised at the insights you gain! For instance, many people believe they work eight hours a day, but the reality is quite different. Most individuals achieve about five productive hours daily, even in a full-time job. Take note of when your active hours fall during the day and whether the work you’re actually doing those hours is aligned with your business goals. Also, analyze how much time you spend on client-facing tasks versus business development or marketing. This can help you find a balance, allowing your business to thrive while giving you more time for growth-oriented activities. You may discover tasks that can be delegated, freeing up your schedule for more impactful work. Until I started time tracking, I thought I knew how I spent my time, but the data showed me otherwise. There’s always something to learn from the process, providing valuable insights that can positively impact your business. So, my challenge to you is to give time tracking a shot for a full month. It might take a bit of getting used to, but trust me, the rewards are worth it. Embrace the habit and see what adjustments you can make to further improve your business. Take the opportunity to create an action plan that will take your jewelry business to even greater heights. What did you think? Let me know in an Instagram DM, podcast review or YouTube comment.

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