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THE GOLD MINE – Get Comfortable With Change in Jewelry Marketing

In episode #224 of the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Podcast, I’ll be talking about how to get comfortable with change. I’m not super comfortable with change in my personal life, but for some reason in my professional life I feel very confident about change and welcome it. I guide my clients through change and encourage it. When it’s guided by a strategic decision (of course), I’m not afraid to “blow things up”. As a marketer, I realize that you need to keep trying new things, even when something seems to “work”, especially in our fast-paced digital age. In the next moment, an external circumstance can knock you off your feet, so you need to be nimble always and never complacent. 

I’ll be discussing:

  • Why change is scary for people
  • How you can get comfortable with change
  • How you know when you need to make a change

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