Joy Joya Summer 2024 Jewelry Brand Incubator Grant

Are you an independent jewelry brand looking to elevate your business to the next level? Jewelry marketing agency Joy Joya has an amazing opportunity for you!


We’re giving away six months (August 1-January 31) of FREE full-service digital marketing support, valued at $3,000 per month ($18,000 total value), to one emerging jewelry brand.

Additionally, this year we’re offering the following for five finalists: six months free of the mid-tier membership to JoyDeck ($3,600 value). JoyDeck is an all-in-one marketing support platform that provides accountability and direction, a personalized plan, confidence and assurance, real-time progress monitoring, accessible marketing expertise, and more.

All entrants will receive three free months of an entry-level membership to JoyDeck ($300 value). Entry-level JoyDeck focuses on accountability and support for your marketing. If you’re on the brink of something big but need guidance to take that leap, you’ve come to the right place. This roadmap is reserved for the bold, the dreamers, and those hungry for growth.

Why are we doing this for free? The recipient of this grant will share their business and marketing journey weekly with Joy Joya Podcast listeners and host Laryssa Wirstiuk. We’ll spotlight you as our best case study yet.

The only requirements are that you have an active jewelry business with an e-commerce presence. If you’re already a Joy Joya podcast fan and feel aligned with Laryssa’s approach to marketing, that’s a bonus!


  • Open the application form and complete your answers by Friday, July 12th at 11:59 PM PT.
  • Six finalists will be selected from the qualifying applications and notified by July 19th for a Zoom interview with Laryssa.
  • One winner will be chosen for the full-service marketing support.
  • The other five finalists will receive a six-month mid-tier membership to JoyDeck.
  • All applicants will receive three months of free entry-level JoyDeck.


One Grant Recipient

If you are selected as the grant recipient, you’ll get access to six months of our full-service marketing support. Highlights include:

Kickoff Month:

  • Comprehensive Start: Begin with an Audience-Building Quiz and Game Plan, Kickoff Questionnaire, and a Kickoff Call to establish your marketing foundation.
  • Tailored Planning: Receive a Six-Month Custom Content Calendar Draft and Flex Social Media Ideas to guide your unique strategy.

Month 2:

  • In-Depth Analysis: Gain insights from Three Deep-Dive Audits and a detailed Strategies + Success Roadmap.
  • Compelling Content: Engage your audience with a Show-Stopper Blog Post and Custom Email Template Design.
  • Effective Email Marketing: Implement an Email Welcome Series and ongoing Email Marketing Execution to nurture your leads.
  • Customized Plans: Develop a Social Media Plan for the Month Ahead and finalize your Six-Month Content Calendar.
  • Thorough Reporting and Support: Benefit from 60-Minute Monthly Check-In Meetings and Ongoing Performance Reporting to stay on track.

Months 3-6:

  • Consistent Communication: Execute Weekly Email Campaigns and implement essential email flows to keep your audience engaged.
  • Creative Content: Receive Custom Social Media Ideation and 750-Word Blog Posts to maintain a strong online presence.
  • Enhanced Support: Continue with 60-Minute Monthly Check-In Meetings for ongoing optimization and success. 

Five Finalists

Five finalists will get “done with you” marketing support from Joy Joya. Highlights include:

Kickoff Month:

  • Tailored Strategies: All the benefits of the Standard plan, plus a Six-Month Custom Content Calendar Draft tailored to your specific business needs, ensuring your marketing is always on point.

Month 2:

  • Deep Dive and Optimize: Benefit from Three Deep-Dive Marketing Audits and a Success Roadmap to identify and implement key improvements.
  • Personalized Plans: Enjoy Customizable Email Templates and Custom Social Media Plans for the month ahead, ensuring every campaign aligns with your brand’s voice.
  • Ongoing Support and Insights: Receive your Final Six-Month Content Calendar, Ongoing E-commerce Reporting, and 30-Minute Monthly Check-In Meetings to keep your strategies effective and adaptive.
  • 24/7 Expert Access: Have peace of mind with 24/7 Access to Messaging with our expert marketing team and your dedicated client account manager, ensuring support whenever you need it.

Months 3-6:

  • Consistent Growth: Continue to refine and enhance your strategies with Monthly Check-In Calls and Custom Social Media Ideation.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Stay informed with ongoing E-commerce Reporting and maintain 24/7 Expert Support for continuous growth and optimization.

All Applicants

Everyone who applies to the grant will get a 3-month trial to the entry-level version of JoyDeck, which includes:

Kickoff Month:

  • Build a Strong Foundation: Start with an Audience-Building Quiz and Game Plan, a Kickoff Checklist, and a Kickoff Orientation Group Call to set the stage for success.
  • Stay Organized: Use our Jewelry-Specific Content Calendar to plan your social media effortlessly, complemented by Flex Social Media Ideas to keep your posts fresh and engaging.

Every Month:

  • Stay Informed and Inspired: Gain valuable Market Insights and Expert Commentary to keep your strategies up-to-date.
  • Engage and Grow: Participate in Collaborative Challenges to connect with your audience and receive Guidance for DIY Marketing Audits to refine your approach.
  • Access Resources: Utilize our Email Templates and Inspiration, Marketing Resource Guide, and Weekly Journal Prompts to keep your marketing efforts consistent and effective.


Our primary goal is to select jewelry brands that show the most promise for growth and can derive significant value from our digital marketing expertise. We’re seeking brands that not only demonstrate a clear need for our services but also align well with our holistic, strategy-driven approach.

Our focus isn’t solely on affordability but on fostering meaningful impact. We’ll give special consideration to smaller or emerging brands, but we encourage all who believe in the potential of their brand to apply. Ultimately, our choices will be guided by where we can make the most profound difference in elevating your brand.

Seize this chance to grow your brand with expert marketing support tailored to your budget. Apply now and be one of the select 10 to experience growth like never before!

**Current and past Joy Joya clients are not eligible for this grant. Digital marketing services rendered does not cover the cost of any subscriptions you may need to purchase, like your email marketing service subscription, Shopify apps/themes, or other required tech tools.**