Etsy Jewelry Marketing
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5 Tips for Marketing Your Etsy Jewelry Store

I love Etsy, the online marketplace for handmade goods. When I’m looking for something unique at an affordable price point, I know I’ll be able to find the perfect item, made with love, on Etsy.

I’ve purchased lots of jewelry and findings on Etsy: a custom copper pendant that I incorporated into a bracelet; a faceted tourmaline stone; mint green glass stud earrings; a sterling silver locket; and a small silver charm.

As a jewelry marketing specialist who also loves and admires Etsy, I have many ideas about how jewelry designers and artisans can increase their presence on Etsy and direct customers to their Etsy pages. Are you an Etsy vendor who’s struggling to get their jewelry products seen by ideal customers?

Below are five suggestions that will help you distinguish yourself from the competition, establish you as a professional, and boost visibility for your jewelry.

1. Experiment with new versions of product photography. If you take your own photos, try taking different versions for the same product: different color/texture background, new angles, and various types of light.

Then, conduct your own marketing focus group and ask a trusted group of friend or loyal customers which photos they like the best and think are the most effective for selling the product. The photos that you like the best might not be the best ones for attracting customers.

2. Showcase your items on your own proprietary website. Don’t only showcase your items on your Etsy store page! Establish yourself as a true professional by embedding your Etsy store into your own proprietary website with a branded URL address like “”

If you already have a website but aren’t technically savvy, you can consult a web developer for assistance regarding Etsy integration. If use WordPress or want to use WordPress to create your own website, you’ll find lots of help online. Check out “Building Your Own Etsy Store with WordPress” and “How to Integrate Your Etsy Shop into Your WordPress Website….”

3. Don’t autotweet your listings! I’m always rolling eyes at the number of Twitter accounts run that are simply a collection of automated tweets about new Etsy product listings. The tweets lack imagination and engagement – they’re basically bland advertisements for every product, and very few customers are going to be motivated by a canned promotion.

Instead, say something creative about your products. Feature them in a new way or offer some exclusive content (a video, a new photo) that isn’t already located on the Etsy product description page. Interact with your followers and play down the attachment to Etsy. Etsy should simply be the engine running your business, not the focus of it.

4. Keep in touch with past and potential customers. Opt your customers into an e-mail marketing list and send out regular updates about your shop like special promotions, new products, product spotlights, in-person events and appearances, etc. Note: you can’t simply add your customers to your e-mail list – they have to agree to be there! But you can let people know about your e-mail list by writing about it on your website or blog or adding a link to it on your seller “about” page. Here are some additional tips.

5. Partner with fashion/accessory bloggers and influencers. Find the bloggers and social media influencers you think would most enjoy your products and reach out to them. Tell them about your product and ask them if they’d appreciate a complimentary gift. You can also trade with other fashion/accessories Etsy vendors and feature their work on your social media accounts and/or blog. This way, your potential customers can see your products featured on real people and, in turn, imagine themselves wearing the jewelry.

Are you a successful Etsy jewelry seller? What techniques have you used to boost your Etsy business?