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Interview with Jen Cullen Williams, PR and Brand Communications Strategist (Part 1/2)

In Episode #111 of the Joy Joya Jewelry Marketing Podcast, I interview Jen Cullen Williams, a public relations and brand communications strategist who specializes in working with jewelry and luxury brands. It’s the first interview of 2021, and it’s going to be a two-parter, since my conversation with Jen lasted nearly an hour and a half!

Prior to launching her consulting business in 2019, Jen was the Managing Director for Luxury Brand Group (LBG) from 2007-2019, where she continues to consult on projects for the agency’s jewelry and luxury clients. Her experience in the jewelry industry is multifaceted, and she’s had the opportunity to support a wide variety of brands, including both direct to consumer and B2B. When it comes to her PR expertise, Jen’s secured press placements for her clients in leading consumer media outlets such as VOGUE, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Forbes, and others. Are you impressed yet?

In this first part of the two-part episode, we discuss what makes PR and communications strategy unique from marketing and sales. We also touch upon the tactics that worked well for brands during the 2020 holiday season, and we share some thoughts about effective social media marketing. I hope you enjoy listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed chatting with Jen.

It was such a pleasure to be able to speak to Jen and to learn more about her insights into ecommerce and the jewelry industry at large. If you’d like to learn more about Jen and her services, visit

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